Learning What Makes Produce “Organic” and Why You Can Be Ordering It

As consumers are becoming more environmentally aware the trend for all natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable products is definitely on the rise. One of the biggest ones relates to something that is intimately close to all of our lives, and that is the food that we eat. I’ve been aware of organic produce, meats and packaged goods for a long time now, and yet never really considered them before. They always existed in the back of my mind as something that somebody else would buy, kind of like “the expensive version of regular food.” See organifi green juice reviews

As I’ve taken steps to embrace natural, healthy living and made changes in my overall lifestyle I’ve reached the point where it’s time to think about organics and why buying them is the right thing to do overall.

What Does Organic Mean?
Before I researched it, I didn’t really know what organic actually meant. Everything’s organic, right? It’s kind of a perquisite to being an “organism” or life form. Not so. Turns out when it comes to our food the word is much more specific. Beginning back in 1960 with the publication of “Silent Spring” a movement began towards the practice of growing foods naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and also using sustainable energy practices (ie, not gasoline and other limited fossil fuels.) This went on until 1990 when the government stepped in, passing the Organic Foods Production Act to set some standard by which anything labeled as “organic” has to abide. This way, people could get a basic idea of what they were buying when they purchased organic foods.

While there are actually several different classifications of organic foods, the general term has come to have several typical associations. As I mentioned before, no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used in any part of the growing process. In addition to being chemical-free, organic produce must be grown in a way that is natural and sustainable. This means harkening back to the growing practices of old, such as crop rotation and cover crops to ensure the fertility of fields, with an overall mentality of care and consideration towards the earth and quality of the food being grown. If natural manure is used as a form of fertilizer it must be applied at least four months prior to harvesting if it is not aged. Using composted plant material is common.

Additionally, organic farmers do not grow or use any kind of genetically modified organism, such as the Round Up resistant strain of soybean developed by Monsanto. Organic livestock farmers must also feed their animals exclusively organic feed for the duration of their life, though it is interesting to note that the organic certification does not include the manner in which the animals are raised. Livestock can still be raised inhumanely using feedlots or other animal confinement techniques, and still be considered organic.

The USDA utilizes several different labels for organic foods – the three main ones being “100% Organic”, “Organic” and “Made With Organic Ingredients.” The first is of course exactly what it sounds like: everything in the product was completely organic as defined above; the second, simple “Organic” means the product contains 95 – 99% organic ingredients, with the remaining ingredients being approved by the NOP. Food “Made With Organic Ingredients” uses anywhere from 70 – 94% organic ingredients, and may list three on the front packaging. So in general, look for and buy 100% Organic whenever you can, opting for plain Organic labels when nothing else is available.

Buying organic supports a natural food industry, which cares more about the quality of the food that they produce and the overall health of their customers than they do about turning an ever-increasing profit at our expense. While it may cost a little more up front, it is an infinitely greater savings overall when you consider your overall health and well being, and the health of the planet as well.

This article is part of an ongoing series entitled “Transitioning to Organic” that provides tips, information and easy ways to adopt some or all organic food into your lifestyle.

Don’t Buy Soccer Cleats from eBay: A Horror Story

Some time back, I decided I was going to try to save some money by buying my new pair of cheap soccer cleats on eBay.

I went on, found the soccer shoes I wanted (Nike T90 Laser III’s, size 11), and placed the order. The vendor I was buying from was located in the U.S., had thousands of positive reviews, and a near perfect 5-star rating.

A few days later, I got the package in the mail and opened it, but I was greeted with a rude surprise:

Instead of shoes I got a shoe. A left shoe to be exact.

I contacted the seller and they were apologetic. A week later the right shoe showed up and was reunited with its lost mate.

The Real Problem: Authentic or Not?

As much as it stunk to have to wait an extra week to get a complete pair of soccer cleats, it occurred to me much later that I really didn’t know what I had been sold.

To this day, I really don’t know if my Laser III’s are an authentic Nike product or not. And more and more, we’re hearing stories about counterfeit cleats being sold on the internet. I expect that this will continue to be a problem as the price of the high-end models continues to climb.

Protecting Yourself

I saved about $15 by going through eBay on the purchase of my Laser III’s, but it wasn’t worth the price. The only way to truly know you’re getting an authentic product is by buying from reputable sellers. I’ve had good luck with Soccer.com (a.k.a. Eurosport), who has been in the online/mail-order game for decades, even before the internet via their print catalogs.

My dad has an old saying: you spend most of your life asleep or standing on your feet. Don’t skimp on beds and shoes.

Couldn’t have put it better myself Dad. Whether the potential savings is $15 or its $200, when it comes to the best soccer cleats, I won’t cut corners. You shouldn’t either.

Outdoor Table Tennis Advantages

There are some sports that you can play both indoors and outdoors and one of them is table tennis. When the weather outside is nice and comfortable, you may find that you delight in playing out of doors better than indoor play. You probably do not desire to stay indoors all day when you may possibly be outside taking advantage of the nice weather.

Prior to taking your table tennis game outside, you need to get some things in order first. The first business to look into are outdoor table tennis supplies, you should have the right kind to maximize your outdoor fun. For instance, the table you use for table tennis (check ping pong table reviews) needs to be water proof. This means the table needs to have a surface that can hold up in a variety of weather situations, such as sun, rain, snow, or wind. There are other supplies that you should consider as well, things like balls and rackets and such.

The benefits of playing outdoor table tennis is what draws most people to play the game outside. This article lists a few of the advantages of playing outdoor table tennis.

Your legs and arms will become stronger and more toned through table tennis. You have to hit the ball several times and you have to go from one end of the table to another. Such activities supply to build up your legs and arms. This is perfect for people who want to have physically fit limbs.

Aside from having toned arm and leg muscles, playing table tennis also improves your hand and eye coordination. The ball is going to go toward you very quickly. You have to stay alert and have the coordination to hit the ball with a racket. Table tennis is going to make you a better player of other harder sports that need a high level of coordination between your hands and eyes. There is a bonus benefit of outdoor table tennis, and that is being able to buy a tan. You may possibly get this same tan just sitting by the pool, but you won’t be getting any exercise. Just reckon, while you are enjoying your game and getting your exercise, you’ll be getting a fantastic tan too!

This cuts out the time you would spend doing all these activities separately and allows you more time for family and friends. You may possibly get in a game during brunch, while you are waiting on dad to end cooking on the barbecue, or even while your mom is setting the picnic table. You may possibly all take turns playing table tennis and then, you may possibly sit down to a nice brunch at the picnic table. After the initial expense of the equipment, this is a very inexpensive way to spend quality time with loved ones.

What does complacent mean?

What does complacent mean? It means to be pleased with something very easily, although it may have a potential danger of any kind of defect. It also means to be satisfied with yourself.  http://sentencehouse.com/tenacious/

Adjective: -noncomplacent

Examples: –

  •         As a manager, it is very important for you to never be complacent with the kind of service that you put out to your customers. You always have to strive to continuously be better at your job.
  •         If you think that you can be complacent when it comes to gathering social media followers, then you are dead wrong. Some of them will end up leaving you within a matter of hours, so you have to continue your growth.
  •         It is also a good thing that you were studious, or else you would end up being complacent and losing out on that scholarship.
  •         Never be complacent with the amount of weight loss; this is only going to end up biting you in your back in case you are not careful.

·         Always try and have a restriction on your hunger, or else even a full meal will not be able to make you complacent.  http://sentencehouse.com/sagacity/

Putting away the word sword

My mouth has gotten me in trouble a couple of times recently.

I have a double personality.

On one side, I am a very nice, sweet, gentle person. I’m really not incredibly malicious. I’m not overly judgmental. I’m a good listener. I will be the first to wrap you in a hug if I find you crying in the bathroom at work.

At the same time, I have a sharp tongue. It’s only gotten worse with age. This is made worse by the fact that I have no filter. Especially when I’m drinking. I can be THAT girl when I drink. It’s gross, and I hate that I do it.Image result for Putting away the word sword

I will love a person despite all their flaws, until they cross me. I don’t like to be put down and I don’t like selfish people – and if a person embodies those things, I cut them out of my soul for all eternity.

And when that happens, I say really mean things.

Also, sometimes people just really annoy the shit out of me. People who think they are omgamazing, people who are fake, and people who have no concept of taking care of themselves top the list of people who will just generally piss me off.

Most of the time, I only get myself into trouble if I’ve been drinking and stewing over something. Many an ex boyfriend can tell you that I can cut your balls off in three words and a look if I’m mad enough.

But sometimes, it comes out when I’m stone cold sober – and in really inappropriate moments.

It happens because I’m so sensitive, and also very anxious, and when I get wound up my lack-of-filter ball-cutting side snaps.

But I don’t like it. And I want to get it under control.

I think at some point, people like me have to make a decision.

Do I want to be that wacky, off-the-wall people who says inappropriate things and inappropriate settings and just owns it?

Or, do I want to be a professional person who can maintain employment and foster relationships with people who aren’t afraid to be around me if I’ve had one too many?

While I wish I was badass enough to be the first one, I know that I am not. I always feel guilty after an outburst and I hate hurting people’s feelings. Even the feelings of people I never want to see again, ever for the rest of my days.

After my SIL’s birthday last year where I imbibed in some (legal) absinthe (with my family) and got into a scathing fight with my boyfriend in a bathroom stall (to name just a few incidences that occurred) I’ve cut off the really inappropriate drinking meanness.

But I’m 25, and I need to learn to control it all the time. Flying off the handle and being a jerk isn’t really permissible anymore, unless that’s just the kind of person I want to be for the rest of my life. And I don’t.

Unless someone speaks ill of the Sooners, because then I will kill them with my blade-words.

But the rest of the time, I’m going to act like a grown up. A real one. Even if I’ll always be an angsty pre-teen deep down.