Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Strengthening of Beauty

Chemical peels have been popular in cosmetic technology, which has been tested by time. Millions of Americans receive each year chemical peels to rejuvenate your skin and reduces the appearance of the tell tale signs of aging. Women have to endure the cold and sterile environment, which is attached to this procedure in order to get the most dermatologist’s office. This procedure is invasive and should be done professionally, but with a medical spa or medi-spa appearance, women can enjoy a relaxing, day spa environment, while still being treated for the medical professional.

Chemical peels cosmetic treatment used to improve and reduce facial skin texture. The chemical solution is used to slough off dead skin strength and eventually peel off. Usually the skin, that is an old area of ??skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled. Formation of new skin can cause certain glow to look younger.

Chemical peels or painful?

Pain level of a chemical peel depends on how deep the peel. Only superficial peels, such as those who have purchased a day spa counter to treat the outermost layer of skin. These peels a little burning sensation the most. Deeper peels, for example, at the offices of dermatologist or medical spa, or may cause pain. Deep peels, but often used in combination with intravenous sedation or pain medication to help the pain. Patients whose skin is very sensitive and should inform their doctors about their skin type, so it may change the chemical peel flock properly.

After the peel is done, there is little pain. There is often itching, however. Certain medications may be given to help the itching and heal the skin. It is very important to follow the procedures, the doctor gives, after exit from the office, to ensure that your skin heals properly. So that is not properly cared for after a chemical peel the skin can cause scarring or infection. Nobody wants to go for an invasive cosmetic procedure, and end up with worse skin.

To begin, Microdermabrasion is considered a very mild dermabrasion. In addition, chemical peels carry out various depths in the most superficial peel that requires very little downtime, if any at all, the deepest peels, may require months of full recovery.

The main difference between the chemical peels and microdermabrasion procedures for the two options. Many turn microdermabrasion to treat acne and achieve smoother skin. Chemical peels, also known as derma-peeling, is also used to treat acne and facial rejuvenation. However, chemical peels can treat wrinkles, fine lines and photoaging. O dermabrasion can be used to treat these conditions, microdermabrasion is commonly used small rejuvenation.

Derma-peeling and microdermabrasion as well as skin rejuvenation procedures, although one difference between the two, as they are applied. Derma peeling chemical solutions used for controlled lesions. Various chemicals used to produce various degrees of peel. Microdermabrasion is pushing micro aluminum oxide crystals to produce damage to the skin, although some newer treatments less crystal technique.

Depending on the depth of the peel, a few peels may be required to achieve optimal results. In some cases, deep peels require only one session, and a superficial peel may require several. Microdermabrasion need of treatment as well.

Derma-peel usually takes several months or years. Repeat treatment is usually needed to maintain the results, but patients should talk with a medical specialist to determine how often to maintain. Microdermabrasion results usually last a few months before repeat treatment.

In terms of safety, Microdermabrasion is considered a very safe treatment. Some patients experience redness, swelling of the face a couple of hours after treatment, but it usually goes away on its own. Chemical peels are also considered safe, although a very deep peel may require anesthesia and vital signs are monitored to avoid possible complications.

Half Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Kit Review

There is no one who is not worried about his health. A sound health is a
blessing. But what if you have a excess weight which is not accordingly to your
age? It must be a matter of thinking. In that case you are to take certain
therapy like exercising some forms of movement in gyms. But there is again a
question. If you dont have enough time to go the gym, what will you supposed to
do? The ultimate solution of this problem is rebounding.


What is rebounding ? It is the convenient way to lessen your extra fat very
easily. Simply it means the jumping in a trampoline. It will shape your body
burning off the excess weight with less effort and any hard tough tasks or
exercise.There is no chance to get injuries in kness and back as in the case of
hard exercises. You may wonder how it works? But it is tested and found
efficient and time saving in this regard. The more you jump,the more you sweat
and the more you lose your calories.


Rebounding or jumping in trampoline ensures you to lose weights very
quickly. Your extra fat will be wiped out. There are so many Jumping trampoline
available. If you are thinking of buying a trampoline with net ,you may think about the
Half Fold Cellerciser.

Cellerciser Rebounder Trampoline


Half Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Kit Product Description


The Half Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Kit ensures a safer exercise surface. If
you are thinking of making yourself fit,you must try it. Eventually,it is the
most effective one as a form of exercise machine. You just make yourself moving
on a Half Fold Cellerciser for about ten minutes. You will see the result. Your
muscles will be stronger and every cell of your body will be active and they
will get alive that will make your entire health a sound a fit one.


David Hall’s center for Cellular health first developed the idea of this
Half Fold Cellerciser. A breakthrough barrel spring design at that time was
first introduced by David Hall. He introduced a special design and that isss
the Triple-Tiered Tapered Spring design. This design is later used in
Cellerciser to have extra efficiency and desired result. Whatever is the weight
of the user this special spring features allows you to make safe jumping or
bouncing on this kit.

Half Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Kit Product Features


  • 40 inches of frame and
    a mat of 28 inches in diameter
  • 8.5 inches long legs
  • electro-plated steel
    are used
  • ensures a 5 year


Half Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Kit Product Review


You need to be very regular in making the exercise. You can not dream to
lose your weight overnight. It will take time. Your regularity will ensure you
the best result in the most shortest possible time. You may increase the time
duration of your exercise day by day. You will feel more lighter and it will
make you more active that is the main target of your doing this kind of
exercise. You can not quit once you start doing exercise. It will make you
again fatty as you were before. You must be attentive in the overall progress
of your body fitnees.

There are many other forms of exercises such as jogging or running or stair
climbing. Jumping or bouncing needs extra effort and it will certainly cause
you to lose more weight in the shortest time. All you need is to do it


Rebounding makes your muscles energetic and make your lymph fluid flow
continously to all the parts of your body. This lymphatic system flushes out
the toxins of our body with the extra fats and callories. So by making your
body moving in a similar fashion , certainly you are on the way to lose your


The main advantage of it is that the Cellerciser needs No Assembly. You
just have to unfold it and then you can jump on it. For your convenience you
may watch some instructional video as well like The Urban Rebounder DVD.

Dealing positively with the negative

Yesterday was a perfectly shitty day.

And, as I do on all bad days, I began immediately to think of ways to make myself feel better.

I could skip the gym, pour myself a glass of wine and sit in a hot bath for an hour.

Or I could buy a large bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and eat the whole thing.

Or how about happy hour? Big ‘ole wine pours at Cava and feta dip!

This is my usual response when things do not go my way. But for some reason yesterday, I decided to deal with things a little bit more reasonably. I knew that if I stuffed my feelings down, whether it be with food or alcohol or shutting myself up in the house – the problems would still be there.

And let’s face it, problems don’t feel any better when you’ve got a hang over or a stomach ache.

So, instead of my usual remedies, I trudged through the day and didn’t turn to any of my vices.

I wasn’t happy about it, but I did it anyway.

After work, I went to what I lovingly refer to as the Wednesday Death Class at the gym. (So many burpees and planks. I don’t know why I go back.)

I’d like to say that being healthy and working out really turned my day around and I left feeling awesome, but I didn’t. I was glad I worked out, but it wasn’t the magic cure. (Because there isn’t a magic cure.)

I went home, ate relatively healthy and then went to bed (although sleep and a very unhelpful “sleep specialist” was a big cause of the shittiness of the day) so that I could wake up today with at least a relatively clear mind and a somewhat renewed perspective on everything.

I didn’t make any goals this year for being healthier or eliminating my bad habits, but it was nice to see an unexpected positive change.

I certainly could stand to stop punishing myself when I have a bad day; maybe now that I’ve done it once, I’ll know that I can do it again. Or maybe it was a one time only deal, in which case, at least I did once?

This does not mean I won’t be consuming large quantities of Irish food and green beers this weekend (I most certainly will be). I just want to make sure that when I overdo it it’s because I’m having fun and living large – not because I’m trying to escape reality.Image result for Dealing positively with the negative

If I want to do that, I should be doing it through my writing, which is much more productive.

Speaking of writing, I’ve been posting here very infrequently. This is for several reasons. One being that I seem to only do interesting things on the weekends and then fall into the rut during the week with nothing to write about.

Another being that I actually have been writing somewhat regularly (almost done with that short story) and working on the writing blog I mentioned. It’s almost ready, but I won’t be linking to it from here. If you’d like to read it, you can email me and I’ll send you the link.

And with that, I probably will not be checking in again until after St. Patrick’s Day. I hope you have a good one, with much Irish soda bread (which I have never had, sad right?), corned beef, cabbage and green beverages.

No bullshit wedding talk

I keep waiting for that moment to arrive during my engagement when I’m all “squeeeeeee I’m a bride! WEDDING! yaaaaaaaaaay!”

It’s getting a lot closer, a little over 5 months away, and I figured that by this point I would have caught the bridal bug. But it just hasn’t happened.

This is not to say that I’m not very happy to be engaged, and even happier to have found the love of my life, but I still have yet to truly get it up over the whole “it’s my special day” ordeal.Image result for No bullshit wedding talk

One cool thing did happen Tuesday, when we met with our officiant and started to visualize the ceremony. It’s crazy to think about that moment; the act of such strong commitment makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

But other than that, I always feel a bit fraudulent when people ask me how it’s going and how excited I am about it.

One physically obvious example of this is the fact that I still haven’t started losing weight for the dress. Not even a little bit. It’s probably not going to happen, either.

I feel that in order to make it happen, I’d have to turn off all fun having from now until my nuptials and what is the point in that? You don’t get engaged so you can suspend your life for several months, do you?

So, I won’t be a super skinny, best shape of my life bride. I’m okay with that.

There’s also the fact that I go very long periods of time without thinking about the wedding at all. People bring it up and I’m all “oh shit, I have a whole bunch of stuff I should be doing huh?”

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking going the whole traditional wedding route in general. I never even have birthday parties because the idea of congregating a bunch of people and forcing them to celebrate me has always made me uncomfortable. Why not just take the money we’re spending on this party and buy a boat?

That would have been an idea. A literal love boat, if you will.

But then I remember that despite what all the propaganda would have you believe – a wedding isn’t just about the bride. There’s also a groom involved (or two brides, or two grooms – but rarely ever just one person).

And if ever there was a guy that people enjoy congregating to celebrate, it’s Tom. People love that guy. He’s a hit. And who would I be to stop all his beloveds from raising a glass to him?

And despite all my child of divorce/fear that everyone hates me issues – I know that there are people in my life who will appreciate the opportunity to celebrate me as well. Or at least to get drunk and grind on someone inappropriate at the reception.

So even though I don’t feel that I’ve exhibited the appropriate levels of giddiness over this process, I’m glad that it’s getting closer. It will be a once in a lifetime ordeal. A life changer, even.

And the sooner it comes, the sooner I’ll be married to a great guy and headed to Napa to drown all the awkward things I said and did on the big day in many delicious glasses of wine.

A future, unplanned

For someone who is so stringent in the planning of the minutia of every day life (my Google calendar is filled out down to the hour for the next month) I find it kind of odd how unplanned I’ve left my future.

Now that I’m in my late twenties (there is much debate over whether 27 is middle or late twenties, but I go with the latter; it’s better to be realistic about aging – I think) and about to marry, I’ve been wondering lately if I should give my future a little more structure.

Many couples who enter matrimony have a typical idea of how they want their married life to go. They may set an age for when they want to start a family, or buy a house or maybe they want to change up their careers a bit.Image result for A future, unplanned

Tom and I really don’t have any of those things mapped out.

We don’t plan to have children and although we briefly entertained the idea of buying a house in the next year, there’s really no way in hell we’ll be able to afford real estate in DC anytime soon.

And while I worry that our lack of planning seems irresponsible, I think there’s a nice thrill to the idea of not planning our marriage. Really, there’s no concrete need for us to do so.

Because we’re not going to procreate, we essentially have a blank slate ahead of us as to what we could do with our married life.

We both want to travel as much as our over-extended credit cards will allow. That is a given.

We also want a dog, which will certainly be our version of a child. I really want two dogs and a cat, but as long as we’re still living in a city apartment that probably won’t happen.

We each have our dreams for our careers, and while neither of them are very likely to happen, we’re still young enough to hold on to the hope that they could. And maybe they will, for one or both of us, and then our lives will change dramatically.

Although we both love living in DC, we might eventually leave this place for a warmer one, or one that is more conducive to our careers and not going completely broke by the time we’re 40.

If that does happen, I know I will be incredibly homesick for this city – the first geographical location where I truly felt happy – but will hopefully settle into a new place just as I did here.

Or maybe we’ll live here forever, happily squandering our money in rent.

Who knows?

My planning-oriented mind is a little worried that things aren’t clearly scripted for the next five or ten years, but I’m learning to let it be.

As long as I’m still able to regularly visit my family and friends in Oklahoma, to keep writing even if nothing ever comes of it and can stay true to myself and my relationships, I believe that the future is bright.

Do you have a plan – solid or liquid – for your future?